Travel Survey Respondent Feedback

Householders who completed the travel survey provided welcome feedback in the comments section of the paper surveys.  Main Roads reviewed the comments, and compiled the following responses.

A major expansion of the Perth rail network is currently in progress under METRONET. Visit the website to register to updates.

For infrastructure changes not covered under METRONET, contact the Public Transport Authority or Transperth for operational changes.


The Department of Transport (DoT) has long been involved in improving cycling amenities in Perth. Please visit their website for Information about cycling programs. Regional 2050 Cycling Strategies can also be found on the DoT website .

Road design standards for roundabouts in Western Australia are in place and have specific design objectives. Visit our website for more information.

Local councils also have information about roundabouts in your area.

All traffic signals in Western Australia are controlled by an advanced computer system (SCATS) that monitors in real-time the traffic signals and the volumes of traffic, using them to adjust and coordinate signal timings to ease traffic congestion and improve traffic flow.

Freeway and highway merge lines were introduced on 85 sites on Perth freeways and highways in an effort to improve traffic flow.

Local Governments

Many survey respondents provided feedback that falls under the jurisdiction of local governments. This feedback included the following:  

  • Trees hang in the way of footpaths and cycle paths
  • We need a review of speed bumps
  • Need further access roads in case of emergency
  • White lines are fading
  • Need more pedestrian crossings.

Respondents are encouraged to contact their local authority on these matters. 

Thank you for the positive feedback received about the quality service provided to the community.

Last Updated: 09 October 2019