‚ÄčThe innovative Perth Area Travel Household Survey started on 8 May 2018.

Representatives from Ipsos Social Research started knocking on doors with an invitation to householders to participate in the Perth travel survey.

The purpose of the survey is to collect information from households about travel behaviour so that the State Government can use that information to support infrastructure investment decision-making. Households across the Perth and Peel regions will be randomly selected, and each householder will be provided a GPS device to carry for five days.

In addition to receiving a GPS device, one cohort of householders will receive a paper survey to complete on a nominated travel day. The second cohort of householders will be interviewed face to face by the Ipsos representative (after the 5 days of carrying the device) about a nominated travel day. This process aims to clarify unclear travel information, and to compare cohorts. During the survey process, participants will also be given an opportunity to provide feedback about the road network to Main Roads.

The Perth survey will be conducted over four years, with insights collected from a total of approximately 7000 households over that time.

For further information, visit the Q&As or contact us with any queries. To view how collected data looks like over time, see the Victorian travel survey data.