Privacy Express consentPersonal and sensitive information collectionAdministration handlingCross-border confidentialityMain Roads project website analyticsProject website enquiriesMailing listsRequesting your informationConclusionContact Privacy West Australians in the Perth metropolitan and Peel regions will be randomly selected to participate in a household travel survey to help Main Roads with its infrastructure investment decision-making. Participants will receive detailed written and face-to-face information about why collecting personal and sensitive information is important for this project and how the confidentiality of that information will be maintained to protect participant privacy. Main Roads complies with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988) and the National Privacy Principles in order to maintain privacy of information. For further information about privacy rights, visit the Office of Australian Privacy Commissioner.  Express consent As a condition of participation, Main Roads will document your ‘express consent’ to proceed with the survey. ‘Express consent’ is typically a signature provided by the participant or checking a box online to indicate that the participant is a willing volunteer. Full disclosure will be provided prior to participation about the way in which data is collected, stored, used and disposed.  TopPersonal and sensitive information collection Collection will occur through the following mechanisms:Face to face interviewsOver the telephonePaper-based surveysGPS devices  This website For Main Roads to perform its function in this project, data collection will cover: Name, address and contact details. This information is collected to contact you and to determine distances from the origin point to the destination point. Basic demographics. Information such as age, sex, ethnicity and relationship with other household members is collected to make sure that the population in the Western Australian metropolitan and Peel regions are represented equally in the survey. Individual participant details will be pooled with other participant details for analysis purposes, no individual details will be analysed nor shared without your prior consent. Personal characteristics. Information such as personal opinions date of birth, country of birth, languages spoken, education qualification and employment information is collected to make sure that the population in the Western Australian metropolitan and Peel regions are represented equally in the survey. Travel behaviour. Information such as a trip from home to the shopping centre, or the train station to school, will be collected and pooled in order to analyse how, why and when West Australians travel as this data helps to inform infrastructure decision making into the future.  Administration handling Once you complete the survey and Main Roads receives your personal and sensitive information, administration processes will occur. Your information will be accessible by specific pre-defined representatives who need the data to accurately perform their function. Personal and sensitive information will be stored securely, and only authorised administrators with a legitimate and justifiable business need will access the information. Data will be anonymised to disable access from unauthorised administrators. Electronic and paper records containing your personal information are protected and kept in accordance with the record-keeping protocol in the State Records Act 2000. No information will be collected about your memberships, police record, health information or affiliations. When analysis of the pooled participant data in the survey is complete, your personal information will be destroyed or deleted in line with protocol stated within the Main Roads Retention and Disposal Schedule.  Cross-border confidentiality The Transport Data Surveys project is a cross-government initiative. Main Roads procures third parties with expertise in data collection and final results, in the form of patterns and statistics drawn from a pool of data, will be shared across government to help those departments with planning for the future. Other parties with an interest in the project include: Department of Transport; Department of Planning; Department of Treasury & Finance; and
  • The data collection Contractor and its administration sub-contractors.
  • Information shared with other parties will be pooled information so that parties can analyse patterns for their planning purposes. A participant’s individual information will not be shared with other parties. If individual personal and sensitive information is to be shared with other parties, express consent will be sought from the participant prior and full disclosure about how that information is managed.

    The Contractor and its subcontractors are subject to obligations under the Privacy Act (1988) and National Privacy Principles, and strict data management plans and audits are a condition of their employment contract with Main Roads. 


    Main Roads project website analytics

    A website has been specifically developed for this project to deliver information about the project to the public and for participants to log in to a portal so that information can be obtained to help with survey completion. The website is hosted on the Main Roads server.

    When a user visits a website, a “cookie” is stored by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. A cookie is a small piece of data that is designed for websites to remember the user’s activity on a site (including checking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past).

    Cookies remember information such as: 

    • the user's server address;
    • the user's top level domain name (e.g. .com, .gov, .au);
    • the date and time of the visit to this website;
    • the pages accessed and documents downloaded;
    • the previous website visited that led to the project site;
    • the search terms used, and 
    • the type of browser used.

    This information is collected through a web analytics program that is used to determine the usefulness of information for the public on the project site.
    The information is pooled to arrive at a statistical analysis on how groups of visitors consume information on the site. This information is helpful for Main Roads to improve its information on the website for the public.

    Identifiable individual information is not used in isolation.

    See Main Roads Privacy for further information about how website visits are logged.


    Project website enquiries

    Users who submit a website enquiry will be requested to include their email address. The email address is requested for the purposes of responding. That email address will not be sold under any circumstances and will not be added to a mailing list. 


    Mailing lists

    Mailing lists are usually compiled in response to a subscription service. If, at any time, the public would like to subscribe to information from Main Roads about the Transport Data Surveys Project, Main Roads may begin a subscription service and begin to collect emails. Express consent will be obtained prior to collecting email addresses and full disclosure about how that email is used will be issued to users if that service is provided. Main Roads will never sell email addresses. 


    Requesting your information

    Under the Freedom of Information Act, you have the right to request access to the personal information that Main Roads holds about you and to request its correction if a correction is sought. If you are seeking access to personal information in relation to a survey, please complete the Freedom of Information Application.



    The Transport Data Surveys Project is a cross-government initiative to help with infrastructure investment planning for the future. Participation is voluntary; however, to ensure a fair and equal representation of the Perth metropolitan and Peel population, participation is encouraged. The aim is to minimise as much bias as possible so that quality data is available.
    Personal and sensitive information will be collected only with your express consent, and management of your information will follow strict confidentiality guidelines. Representatives accessing your data used only for the purposes for which you provided it to us. Your privacy will be protected by the plans implemented to maintain confidentiality. Any data analysis transfer of data conducted will be done only with your express consent.



    For any enquiries about privacy, please email


    Last Updated: 28 January 2017