​​​​​Traffic signal timing improvement project

The problem

Traffic signal timings can decay over time due to changes in land use, traffic demand, network and road space changes. This can lead to increased stopping times causing congestion at signals and reducing journey reliability.

The solution

We have implemented an ongoing program that looks at the timing and coordination of traffic signals across key metropolitan traffic routes. Even slight changes to signal timings can have significant benefits.  As traffic signals require regular adjustment to stay up to date with changing traffic conditions and customer travel experience expectations, this is an ongoing program with signals reviewed regularly.

You can see the results of our 2014/15 optimisation program by clicking on the following interactive map:

[Under Construction]

​What's next for 2016-17?

We are doubling our efforts and reviewing over 400 sets of traffic signals on the metropolitan state road network. So far we have reviewed almost half of this year's routes, with journey time improvements made on all routes. A further 12 routes will be reviewed by July 2017.


Last Updated: 05 April 2017