​​Right turn filtering

The problem

It's a familiar story - you are held up at a green light and want to turn right but a red arrow prevents you from doing so - even when there are no cars around. Not only does this increase driver frustration but it can be highly inefficient for our network.

The solution

We have tried and tested a solution to reduce your wait time during non-peak times. At suitable locations, we will turn off the red right-turn arrow between the hours of 9pm and 6am to allow drivers to turn right on a green through signal, when it is safe to do so.  

During 2017, we installed this type of treatment at eight intersections:

  • South Street and McCombe Avenue
  • Orrong Road and Pilbara Street
  • Orrong Road and Kewdale Road
  • Orrong Road and McDowell Street
  • Karrinyup Road and Jones Street
  • Karrinyup Road and Main Street
  • Morley Drive and Wellington Road
  • Guildford Road / West Road / Lord Street

 Visit the program map to view the locations.

The trial

In 2016, we investigated the effect of turning off the red right-turn arrow during non-peak times when traffic volumes were low on Canning Highway. 

Between the hours of 9pm and 6am, the red right-turn arrow was not displayed and drivers were able to turn right on a green through signal, when there was a safe gap in oncoming vehicles. The trial minimised wait time for road users, with a 44 per cent reduction in delays observed across the six sites.

The trial locations included:

  • Canning Highway and Henley Street
  • Canning Highway and Reynolds Road
  • Canning Highway and Ardross Street
  • Canning Highway and Riseley Street
  • Canning Highway and Stock Road
  • Canning Highway and Queen Victoria Street​

Right turn filtering trial 

 Image above: Trial locations on Canning Highway

Last Updated: 01 November 2017