New freeway and highway merge lines​​

The problem

Merge points are often congested on freeways and highways in peak periods as through traffic must allow for incoming vehicles causing disruption to speed and traffic flow. Previously, where there were no dotted line markings at merge points, the vehicle in front would have right of way. This has often caused issues regarding which vehicle has priority, with some motorists speeding up just to get in front.

The solution

New merge lines have been introduced at all freeway and highway on-ramps to prompt motorists to get up to speed and merge into traffic in the same way as changing lanes. While new to Perth, merge lines are common practice in other states around Australia.

A total of 85 sites on our freeways and highways have been painted with new merge lines in an effort to improve traffic flow.

New merging rules

Here's how the new rules work.

1. Get up to speed and indicate.

Once you've got up to speed with freeway traffic, indicate and merge into the next lane – just like when you are changing lanes.

2. Merge earlier.

Don't leave it to the last minute – be sure to merge right as soon as you're at speed and it is safe.

3. Let people in.

Drivers on the freeway should have a gap to let new traffic from the merge lane in or move right to make more room.

Watch the kids do it.

Yes, we know children aren't old enough to drive on the freeway. But if you click on the video below, you'll see Perth's motorists of the future proving what a breeze our new merging system actually is.

  • Freeway merge lines works were completed at all on-ramps in 2016.
  • Highway merge lines were completed at all on-ramps in early-2017.
Last Updated: 11 April 2017