Variable message sign expansion

The problem

Motorists are often unaware of incidents or breakdowns on the network until it is too late. If drivers are not able to access real-time traffic conditions while they are travelling they will not be able to plan their journey effectively, leading to increased congestion and driver frustration.

The solution

Variable message signs are large electronic boards often seen on key roads and freeways around Perth. These signs are placed at strategic locations and provide road users with information about traffic delays or adverse road conditions to help motorists make informed decisions about their journey and avoid congestion or incidents.

There are already a number of these signs operating throughout the metropolitan network and we have identified a further eight locations that will benefit from their installation.

With the introduction of new technology, we will soon be able to use variable message signs to provide more information. Using new software and traffic data from sensors embedded within the road surface we will also be able to provide travel time information to key freeway locations or exits.

Improved coverage of variable message signs will mean real time travel information and advice will get to more road users, enabling informed decisions on travel routes.


Expected completion is June 2018.

Last Updated: 15 August 2016