​​​​​​​Incident Response Service expansion

The problem

Traffic incidents and unwanted debris on the road network can cause congestion at any time of the day. As Perth continues to grow so does the demand on existing emergency services to aid in the management of these incidents.

The solution

Our Incident Response Service provides quick clearance solutions to help keep traffic moving by safely reinstating roads back to normal conditions as quickly as possible after an incident.

The Incident Response Service has been operating Monday-to-Friday, since inception in 2012, across the Perth CBD and on Mitchell and Kwinana freeways.

Since that time, the service has been evolving to meet the growing demand and will now operate seven days a week and cover more roads across our metropolitan state road network.


The Incident Response Service has commenced operating seven days a week from February 2017 on a 12 month trial basis.


 Metropolitan state road network

Last Updated: 06 April 2017