​Graham Farmer Freeway / East Parade intersection upgrade

The problem

The intersection at Graham Farmer Freeway and East Parade is one of the busiest in the Perth CBD. It provides a crucial east-west cross city link as well as entry and exit for the Mitchell and Kwinana freeways. During peak hours, traffic would queue back in all directions causing driver frustration, safety issues and congestion.

The solution

A detailed study was conducted including modelling of various options to determine the best possible solution to improve traffic flow at the intersection.

As a result, a number of lane configuration and signal changes were made:

  • Upgrade of East Parade to two left-turn lanes to Graham Farmer Freeway westbound with traffic signal control
  • Graham Farmer Freeway westbound on-ramp from East Parade to Lord Street widened to three lanes
  • Additional right turn lane at Lord Street
  • Additional lane on the East Parade off-ramp from Graham Farmer Freeway eastbound (just after the tunnel exit)
  • Additional and extended lanes southbound at East Parade
  • Dedicated right and left turn lanes to East Parade from Graham Farmer Freeway eastbound.

GFF and East Parade PRINT FINAL 18 01 16_Page_2.jpg 


This upgrade was completed in December 2016. Watch our video to see the improvements.


Last Updated: 31 January 2017