Dedicated exit lanes

The problem:

Exiting the freeway can be a daunting task for some, resulting in significant traffic disruptions as drivers try to change lanes to position themselves correctly.

To ease some of the confusion and make exiting easier, we have analysed major conflict points along the freeway and identified opportunities to provide dedicated exit lanes at key locations.

The solution:

Four new clearly marked exit lanes have removed merge points to allow traffic to exit the freeway without causing disruption to the flow of traffic.

The newly built dedicated exit lane for Karrinyup Road has resulted in a 5km/h (15 per cent) increase in freeway speeds between Wellington Street and Karrinyup Road in the afternoon peak.

Where and when:

Mitchell Freeway northbound - Karrinyup Rd - Completed April 2016.

Before construction:

Before_Karrinyup Road.JPG 

After construction:

Karrinyup Road Off-Ramp.png 


Mitchell Freeway northbound - Hay Street off-ramp - Completed February 2016.

Hay Street off Ramp.jpg 


Kwinana Freeway southbound - South Street off-ramp - Completed October 2015.


Kwinana Freeway northbound - Leach Highway off-ramp - Completed October 2015.


Last Updated: 11 January 2017