​The problem

The congestion hotspot southbound on Mitchell Freeway at the busy Charles Street entry ramp was a well-known issue. Four lanes of traffic are reduced to three lanes and freeway traffic is forced to merge with high volumes of entering traffic from Charles Street entry ramp.

Further south a fourth lane joins the freeway again from Market Street.  However, this on-ramp has relatively low volumes of traffic by comparison.

The solution

In 2016 we undertook works to improve merge points along the freeway. An opportunity was identified to provide an additional lane by changing the line markings on Mitchell Freeway southbound, between Charles Street and Market Street.

We removed the merge point where Mitchell Freeway met Charles Street, and reduced the bottleneck experienced in the area. The project has improved traffic flow by increasing capacity for freeway traffic and adding new merge lines to the under-utilised Market Street entry ramp.

Travel speeds have improved by 15 km/h (65 per cent) southbound between Vincent and Market streets in the afternoon peak.


Before construction: Mitchell Freeway southbound - Charles Street to Market Street


After construction: Mitchell Freeway southbound - Charles Street to Market Street


Last Updated: 16 July 2018