Fog warning system trial

The problem

There are times when fog and smoke causes poor visibility on our roads, leading to unsafe driving conditions for road users. Our Traffic Operations Centre detects fog using CCTV and alerts road users through various media channels. However, detecting fog from CCTV can be limited at times, leaving our Traffic Operations Centre unable to respond quickly.

The solution

We are investing in smart technologies on Kwinana Freeway near Thomas Road to improve safety and reduce incidents on our roads.

Our new fog warning system trial is a first for Western Australia and provides our Traffic Operations Centre with an additional tool to monitor and manage the network by alerting road users when driving conditions are poor.

The system comprises of a sensor which can detect changes in visibility due to fog or smoke. This sensor automatically alerts our Traffic Operations Centre team who can then activate the five advanced warning flashing signs on the freeway to warn road users of the potential hazard and suggest they take extra care when driving in the area.

When and where

​The trial of the fog warning system will start in mid-2016 when the sensor is installed on Kwinana Freeway, between Anketell Road and Thomas Road.


Last Updated: 29 June 2016