​3D laser scanner

The problem

When there is a major traffic incident on our roads, delays can occur when traffic lanes need to be closed to allow for police investigations.  The resulting delays and disruption for other road users can be frustrating, especially if a diversion or road closure is in place.

The solution

In partnership with WA police, a 3D laser scanner has been put into operation to increase the speed at which incidents are photographed and roads reopened to traffic.

The scanner can quickly capture a permanent 3D, 360 degree visual record of the incident scene in detail, which can then be used for investigation purposes.

3D laser scanners are becoming more common around the world as a way of providing a safer, more flexible and faster way to complete traffic investigations and reduce impact on traffic flow.

When and where

 WA police have been operating the 3D laser scanner since mid-2016.


Last Updated: 11 January 2017