​A number of traffic signal trials took place as part of the Traffic Congestion Management Program over the past year. As the trials come to an end with positive results, we will roll out these treatments as part of an on-going program, commencing with traffic signal enhancements to over 40 signalised intersections in the first half of 2017.

The successful traffic signal trials included:

  • Pedestrian countdown timers: This treatment replaces the 'flashing red man' at traffic signals and informs pedestrians as to how many seconds they have left to cross the road. Countdown timers were initially trialled in the CBD in 2014 and then extended further across the metro area in 2015-16. Visit the project page to find out where we are rolling out to next.
  • Flashing yellow 'caution' lights: This treatment is used for parallel crossings to alert and remind drivers that pedestrians have right of way. Flashing yellow 'caution' lights were trialled in the CBD and Northbridge in 2015, with the first trial site seeing an 88 per cent reduction in (vehicle/pedestrian) conflicts.
  • Right-turn filtering: This treatment removes the red right-turn arrow during non-peak times to reduce delays and driver frustration. Right-turn filtering was trialled on Canning Highway in 2016, with a 44 per cent reduction in delays observed across six sites.

Stay tuned

We are busy finalising suitable sites across for flashing yellow and right-turn filtering and will announce locations in early 2017, with installation of all 40 sites to be completed by June 2017.



Images above (left to right): Flashing yellow 'caution' lights and pedestrian countdown timers