​The Traffic Congestion Management Program has delivered another successful project, this time at Perth's busiest intersection in the CBD, Graham Farmer Freeway and East Parade.

Graham Farmer Freeway and East Parade intersection provides a crucial cross-city link as well as access to our freeways and on average, almost 80,000 vehicles travel through the intersection on any given weekday.

Major construction works were carried out over the past 12 months while maintaining access for traffic throughout the entire process.

The project was delivered on-time and under-budget by more than $1 million from the estimated $14 million budget for the works.

During the works, we saw early improvements with travel speeds increasing through the tunnel by 12 per cent in the morning peak periods. Now with the works completed, road users are experiencing improvements to traffic flows in all directions, providing significant reductions for the traffic queues.

Watch our video to find out more.