Environmental Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment - Public Environmental Review (PER)

In November 2009, the EPA set the level of assessment for the proposal at Public Environmental Review (PER). The purpose of the PER is to ensure the proposal recognises, considers and addresses environmental aspects.

The PER was released for a 12 week public comment period from 20 June to 12 September 2011. During this period the EPA received 3283 submissions from government agencies, organisations and members of the public.

The Roe 8 project team worked closely with decision making agencies and stakeholders to respond to these submissions, with a final 'Response to Submissions' provided to the EPA in June 2013 for its consideration.

The Roe Highway extension was recommended for conditional approval by the EPA in its report publicly released on 13 September 2013 (EPA Report 1489). Conditional environmental approval was granted by the Minister for Environment on 2 July 2015. On 10 July 2015, Roe 8 received heritage consent from the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, under Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.

​Final Public Environmental Review ​
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