Once all sections are completed, NorthLink WA will:
  • provide a non-stop transport route between Morley and Muchea 
  • increase road capacity to improve journey times and productivity
  • improve amenity in local communities by reducing congestion on local roads
  • save lives by eliminating four of the State‚Äôs most dangerous intersections
  • improve amenity in the Swan Valley for residents and the 600,000 tourists who visit the area each year
  • connect communities with 65 kilometres of 4 metre-wide shared path alongside Tonkin Highway from Guildford Road to Ellenbrook.

NorthLink WA will take traffic off local roads and onto Tonkin Highway. This means local roads, such as Beechboro Road North, will be used for local traffic and those who live and work locally will experience a safer, more peaceful environment. It will also provide an efficient alternative freight route, taking about 80 per cent of trucks away from Great Northern Highway.

The upgrade will bring significant savings in travel times, approximately halving the time taken to travel between Ellenbrook and Morley, and taking 10 minutes off the trip between Kewdale and Muchea. Road users will enjoy a non-stop journey, avoiding up to 16 sets of traffic lights and one level crossing between Kewdale and Muchea.

On local journeys, travelling on the upgraded Reid and Tonkin Highways will be significantly faster. The traffic will move freely, and it may take less time to travel further.

Access points will change, but residents will experience the benefits of more efficient travel on the road network every day.

Almost 40 kilometres of new noise and screen walls will be installed to separate residential areas from the highway.


Last Updated: 16 July 2018