Planning History

Extensive planning has been undertaken on the Perth Darwin National Highway since the 1990s. A range of planning studies investigated the preferred alignment and defined the reservation for the future highway in the following locations:

  • Reid Highway to Maralla Road, Bullsbrook
  • Maralla Road Bullsbrook to Brand Highway, Muchea
  • Brand Highway, Muchea to Bindoon
    • Muchea to Bindoon
    • Bindoon deviation.

The planning studies took into account social, economic and environmental factors in consultation with a range of stakeholders, including landowners, Local Government and other stakeholder groups. Detailed information about these studies is available on the Main Roads website.

Following completion of the planning studies, the project development phase was implemented from June 2014 to early 2016. This work involved:

  • identifying the long term transport requirements to service a growing Perth population and freight task beyond 2050
  • securing land to accommodate this future road and transport corridor
  • obtaining the necessary approvals
  • reducing impacts associated with the corridor and identifying ways to maximise the project benefits
  • establishing the scope of works proposed for delivery from 2016 to 2019

Visit the consultation history page for more information.


Last Updated: 27 May 2019