About NorthLink WA

NorthLink WA has a long term vision to cater for the traffic volumes associated with a future Perth population of 3.5 million. The Federal and State Governments have invested $1.12 billion in NorthLink WA, which will meet the following objectives:

  • Improve freight capacity, efficiency and productivity;
  • Reduce urban congestion now and into the future;
  • Improve road safety in line with the State's 'Towards Zero' policy;
  • Maximise sustainability through economic, social and environmental responsibility;
  • Improve amenity for the community, tourists and road users; and
  • Create value through affordable infrastructure.

Commuters, tourists, freight and other road users travelling between Perth and the State’s north currently use the Great Northern Highway, the State’s existing major northern route. While traffic volumes on the highway are increasing, there is limited opportunity for further upgrades.

NorthLink WA will take the pressure off the Great Northern Highway by shifting the majority (around 80%) of heavy vehicles over to the new route.

NorthLink WA will be constructed in three sections:
Once all sections are completed, NorthLink WA will:
  • Provide a non-stop transport route between Morley and Muchea.  
  • Increase road capacity to improve journey times and productivity.
  • Improve amenity in local communities by reducing congestion on local roads.
  • Save lives by eliminating four of the State’s top 15 most dangerous intersections.
  • Improve amenity in the Swan Valley for residents and the 600,000 tourists who visit the area each year.


Last Updated: 12 January 2017