​Community and Environment

Involving our communities is vital to delivering a sustainable solution that meets social, environmental and economic objectives. Our communities continue to influence key project decisions relating to design, access, environment and amenity.


Consultation Overview

 We have undertaken an extensive Community and Stakeholder Engagement Program that has allowed communities to be involved and provide feedback.



 We are committed to responsible environmental management to achieve balanced and sustainable outcomes for the community.


Community Reference Groups

Various Community Reference Groups (CRGs) are established as part of our ongoing engagement program, allowing the community to provide valuable input.


Public Environmental Report

The Public Environmental Report outlines the detailed assessment undertaken to identify environmental issues and proposed mitigations. 


​​Consultation History

Community and stakeholder consultation dates back to 2003 (with Perth-Darwin National Highway).                                     



 Learn about our sustainability practices.                                                                                 

Last Updated: 09 October 2017