Community and Construction Reference Groups

Community Reference Groups (CRGs) were established and met regularly as part of our consultation program during project development, with specific focus on each section.

Just prior to construction starting, nominations for Construction Reference Groups were invited and the community continues to have input in this forum.

Construction Reference Groups include some members from previous CRGs, together with new members. The groups play a vital role in delivering NorthLink WA through:

  • Collaboratively informing the final design development and construction process;
  • Assisting to identify and respond to issues and opportunities to ensure the best possible outcomes;
  • Providing issue-specific liaison in the design and construction process; and
  • Communicating information to and from relevant community and stakeholder groups.

CRGs are made up of a cross-section of representative stakeholders, including environmental groups, local government authorities, affected residents, business associations, pedestrian and cycling peak bodies, developers and recreational groups.

For information about earlier consultation activities, visit our Consultation History page.

Construction Reference Group

Southern Section

The group was formed in June 2016 and met quarterly to discuss the progress of construction and provide input into community engagement activities.

Central Section

The Central Section group has 18 members, and have met a number of times since being established in March 2017. Members come from the project development phase, as well as new members who nominated after a newsletter was distributed.

The group has played a pivotal role in providing input and feedback to designs for noise walls, shared paths, drainage and landscaping. They act as invaluable voices representing local communities of Ellenbrook, Beechboro, Ballajura and Bennett Springs, the business community of Malaga, and sensitive environmental areas including Whiteman Park and Lightning Swamp Bushland.

Northern Section

A Construction Reference Group was established in June 2017 and has since had a number of productive meetings.



Last Updated: 17 July 2018