Public Environmental Report 

Perth - Darwin National Highway ​(Swan Valley Section)

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Invitation to Make a Submission

Executive Summary

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Proposal Background and Justification
  3. Route Selection Development
Cover - Chapter 3
4. Detailed Description of Proposal Chapter 4
5. Regulatory Context
6. Stakeholder Consultation
7. Environmental Impact Assessment Framework
Chapter 5 - 07
8. Flora and Vegetation
9. Terrestrial Fauna
10. Hydrological Processes and Inland Waters Environmental QualityChapter 10
11. Amenity (Noise and Vibration)
12. Rehabilitation and Decommissioning
13. Aboriginal Heritage
14. European Heritage
Chapter 12 - 14
15. Amenity (Reserves)
16. Matters Protected Under the EPBC Act
Chapter 15 - 16
17. Offsets
18. Conclusion
19. Glossary
20. References
Chapter 17 - 20
A. Study Team
B. Environmental Scoping Document
Appendix A - B
C. Level 2 Spring Flora and Vegetation Assessment
D. Dieback Assessment
E. Gaston Road Threatened Ecological Community Hydrogeological ReviewAppendix E
F. Environmental Management PlanAppendix F
G. Level 2 Targeted Fauna Assessment
H. Drainage Strategy
I. Wetland Assessment
J. Position Paper – Twin Swamps Hydrology Appendix J
K. Preliminary Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation
L. Position Paper – Groundwater Level Impact from Construction Dewatering and Groundwater Abstraction
M. Position Paper – Road Embankment Compaction Assessment
N. Position Paper – Ellen Brook Nature Reserve
Appendix L to N
O. Traffic Noise Assessment
P. Aboriginal Heritage Desktop AssessmentAppendix P
Q. Ethnographic Aboriginal Heritage Survey
R. Aboriginal Archaeological Assessment
Appendix Q - R
S. European Heritage Desktop Assessment
T. Archaeological Assessment of the Forestry Department's Divisional Headquarters
U. Historic Heritage Report – Forestry Department's Divisional HeadquartersAppendix U
V. Preliminary Black Cockatoo Offset Considerations


​ ​Response to Submissions - Perth–Darwin National Highway
​​Main Report
1  Introduction
2  Proposal Update
3  Spring Ecological Surveys
4  Amenity (Noise and Vibration) ​
Cover - Chapter 4​
5  Matters Protected Under the EPBC Act
6  Environmental Offsets
7  Response to Office of the Environmental Protection Authority Issues
8  Response to Department of Parks and Wildlife Issues
9  Response to Department of Water Issues
10  Response to Department of Environment Regulation Issues
11  Response to Other Government Agency Issues
12  Response to Issues Raised by the Public
13  Consolidated List of Environmental Outcomes and Proposed Management Measures
14  Glossary
15  References​
Chapter 5 - 15​
​ ​Appendices

A  OEPA Summary 03_PDNH_RTS_AppendixA
B  Index to Submission Issues
C  Assessment & Refinement to Potential Critical Habitat for Caladenia huegelii (T-DRF) within the Development Envelope
D  Spring Surveys for Meeboldina decipiens subsp. decipiens (P3) and Millotia tenuifolia var. laevis (P2)
E  Spring Surveys and Analysis to Investigate SCP02 Presence 

Appendices B - E​
F  Analysis to Investigate TEC SCP 20a Presence
G  Analysis of Floristic Data from Ioppolo Road and Hepburn Avenue to Assign Sites to Floristic Community Types
H  Further Information on Darwinia foetida
Appendices F - H​
I  Revised Transportation Noise Assessment
​J  EPBC Act Offset Assessment Guide – Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo
K  EPBC Act Offset Assessment Guide – Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
L  EPBC Act Offset Assessment Guide – SCP20a
M  Technical Advice on Fauna Issues
​Appendix J - M


Response to Submissions (Addendum) - Perth–Darwin National Highway​Addendum


Response to Submissions (Addendum No. 2) - Perth–Darwin National Highway​Addendum No. 2 ​


Last Updated: 26 October 2016