We seek to achieve balanced and sustainable outcomes for the community. Responsible environmental stewardship in developing and maintaining the road network is critical to our success.

We are committed to:

  • Protecting and enhancing the environmental values of road reserves;
  • Minimising the impact on the natural environment of roads and road use; and
  • Conserving natural resources and minimising energy consumption and waste.

Environmental impacts of NorthLink WA must be managed as part of construction. Environmental Management Plans ensure that we carefully manage the local environment and meet strict environmental conditions determined by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

Environmental Assessment

Tonkin Grade Separations

NorthLink WA - Tonkin Grade Separations has been assessed by the Australian Department of the Environment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and has received approval.  The State Department of Environment Regulation has granted a Native Vegetation Clearing Permit.

As part of the assessment process, the public had the opportunity to submit comments on the project's documentation from 8 to 22 July 2015.

We have published our responses to public submission, including the original preliminary documentation which can be viewed here.

The Tonkin Grade Separation project was issued approval under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 on 7 December 2015 (EPBC 2​014/7385) and included a number of conditions that we are required to fulfil.

​As per Condition 4 of approval EPBC2014/7385, the EPBC Act Compliance Report for 2019 (and previous reporting years) has been produced and is published below.​ The Compliance Report addresses compliance with each of the Conditions outlined in approval EPBC2014/7385.


Perth-Darwin National Highway (Swan Valley Section)

NorthLink WA includes a new 37 km high standard link from the intersection of the Reid and Tonkin Highways to Muchea, previously referred to as the Swan Valley Bypass and the Perth-Darwin National Highway.

A Public Environmental Report (PER) has been prepared for the Perth–Darwin National Highway (Swan Valley Section, between Reid Highway and Muchea) by Main Roads Western Australia in accordance with the Western Australian Environmental Protection Act 1986 and the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

The PER document describes the proposal, examines the likely environmental effects and the proposed environmental management procedures associated with the proposed development.

The PER was available for public review and comment from September 7 to October 6 2015. In December 2015, we submitted responses to the public submissions receive to the Environmental Protection Authority and the Commonwealth Development of the Environment. The proposal is currently undergoing further assessment within these departments.

We are no longer providing hard copies and/or CD versions of the PER. Electronic copies of the PER are available on our Public Environmental Report page.

As per condition 7 of approval EPBC 2013/7042, an EPBC Act Compliance Report has been produced and is required to be published on our website. The Compliance Report addresses compliance with each of the conditions outlined in approval EPBC 2013/7042. 


Environmental Management Plans

Central and Northern sections have received State and Commonwealth Environmental approvals. To meet the conditions of these approvals, we have developed a series of Conditional Environmental Management Plans to guide the construction of NorthLink WA and ensure all works are delivered in an environmentally responsible manner. The following plans have been approved by the Office of Environmental Protection Authority.

Note: Conditional Environmental Management Plans are subject to change.


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Last Updated: 28 April 2020