Wanneroo Road and Morley Drive Intersection Upgrade

  • Upgrading the intersection in Tuart Hill.
  • This project is in planning and development. No construction funding is currently allocated.
  • Improve the third worst intersection in the metro area, for both congestion and frequency of crashes.

Project update

Together with the Public Transport Authority, we are currently undertaking early planning and design work of the Wanneroo Road and Morley Drive intersection in Tuart Hill to boost capacity and improve traffic flow - including the priority Circle Route bus service on Morley Drive, ease congestion and improve safety.




  • Improve safety
  • Improve traffic flow to allow more vehicles to move through the intersection, especially during peak times
  • Provide a staggered pedestrian crossing across Morley Drive


The project is currently unfunded for construction

Last Updated: 16 January 2020