Murdoch Drive Connection

What's happening

The project is starting to take shape following the successful installation of bridge beams over Kwinana Freeway and Roe Highway. At 48.3 metres long, the central span is one of the largest beams ever to be installed in WA.

Traffic will start using the bridge in late 2019 when the Murdoch Drive Connection main alignment is scheduled for completion, a time-lapse video has been produced showing the installation of the bridge.

 Images: Bridge beam lifts from February

Construction updates

May 2019 - Work in the 'Western Triangle' construction area close to Hope Road in Bibra Lake is progressing well.

February 2019 - Bibra Drive is expected to reopen following asphalting works and preparations continue for bridge construction at the Roe Highway interchange.

September 2018 - Works are underway in the 'western triangle' area between Hope Road and Murdoch Chase estate, where the main road alignment and shared path will be located.

August 2018 - Works continue on the road surface and main alignment ramps, as well as the shared path that connects via an underpass

July 2018 - Key activities continue

June 2018 - A crane has been lifting arches onto the shared path underpass footings


We have been collaborating closely with local community and stakeholders throughout the project design and will continue during the delivery stages.

The Community Information and Engagement info sheet provides a summary of information displays held in February 2018.

Construction Reference Group

The Murdoch Drive Connection Construction Reference Group (CRG) was formed in August 2017. Members include representatives from the City of Melville and Cockburn, a local Member of Parliament, residents groups, local residents and business and special interest groups (conservation, transport).

Topics of discussion have included local road connectivity, principal shared paths and noise walls. Construction and community engagement updates have been provided at each meeting and requests for further information followed up by the MRIA team. The group has provided input into methods of communication and identified and discussed local impacts from the project, and ways in which impacts are managed and mitigated throughout construction of the project.

Meeting minutes

December 2018

August 2018

May 2018

April 2018

February 2018

January 2018

September 2017

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  • March 2018 - Site office due for completion
  • Late 2018 - Bridge Over Kwinana Freeway commencing
  • Early 2019 - Bridge Over Farrington Road commencing
  • Late 2019 - Target completion of site work

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Project updates

September 2018 - The project is progressing well, with works underway across key work zones

March 2018 -  An overview of the approved concept design, construction activities updates and a summary of feedback from recent project information displays

Information sheets

February 2018- Details on the approved concept plan

August 2018 - Major Road and Rail Projects in Perth's Southern Corridor

May 2017 - Project overview, it's rationale, history and benefits

Asbestos management FAQs

Last Updated: 16 May 2019