Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge

The Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge project is funded by the Commonwealth and State Governments as part of a $2.3 billion investment in road and rail infrastructure, announced by Premier Mark McGowan on 7 May 2017.

The project comprises construction of a bridge over Kwinana Freeway connecting Armadale Road to North Lake Road and construction of free flowing regional traffic lanes on Armadale Road through the Solomon Road and Tapper Road intersections. Full connectivity will be retained at the intersections of Solomon Road and Tapper Road through grade separated roundabouts. 

The project will help address significant congestion in the Cockburn Central area resulting from the growth of Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre, surrounding commercial, retail and residential development and the area’s proximity to Cockburn Central Station and Kwinana Freeway.

Latest news

Opportunity to share your thoughts on our design options

The Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge project will be the first of its kind to be constructed in Western Australia, with an elevated roadway passing over a roundabout at Tapper Road and over or under a roundabout at Solomon Road, in order to separate freeway-bound and east-west through-traffic from local road users.

To view animations of each design option under consideration, please follow the links below:

Once you have had chance to view our animations, please let us know your preferred option and share your thoughts on the project through this quick survey.

Proposals called from industry for design and construction

The project is a step closer with proposals called from industry for its design and construction. Two shortlisted consortia have been invited to submit costed proposals, with the contract to be delivered in the form of an Alliance with Main Roads. Contract award is scheduled for mid-2019 with construction anticipated to commence in the second half of the year.

Ghostgum Avenue Update – October 2018

In recent months, we have carefully assessed the most appropriate configuration for the intersection of Armadale Road and Ghostgum Avenue. Consideration was given to the safety of road users and pedestrians, as well as the need to accommodate larger volumes of traffic into the future.

We can now confirm that this intersection will take the form of modified traffic signals, with additional eastbound and westbound lanes to accommodate future traffic growth. A second right turn lane from Ghostgum Avenue will be added to improve access from Calleya and Treeby onto Armadale Road westbound (towards Cockburn Central and Kwinana Freeway).

Scope of works

  • Construction of a bridge over Kwinana Freeway.
  • Grade separated intersections between Armadale Road and Solomon and Tapper Roads.
  • North-facing on/off ramps and two lane collector distributor roads on both sides of the Kwinana Freeway from Berrigan Drive to Armadale Road.
  • Modifications to the existing North Lake Road / Midgegooroo Avenue signalised intersection.
  • Two lanes in each direction for free flowing regional traffic from west of the Armadale Road / Solomon Road intersection to east of the Armadale Road / Tapper Road intersection.
  • Two lane collector distributor roads adjacent to the regional traffic lanes between Armadale Road / Solomon Road intersection and the Armadale Road / Tapper Road intersection.



Image: Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge project overview map


​Key benefits

  • Provide a direct link between Armadale and North Lake Road, bypassing congestion at Cockburn Central Station and the Cockburn Gateway shopping centre.
  • Improved access to Kwinana Freeway to and from the north.
  • Easier access to Cockburn Central Station.
  • Support residential and commercial expansion in Cockburn and Armadale.
  • Complement other significant road improvements in the Southern Metropolitan Corridor including Kwinana Freeway Northbound WideningArmadale Road Upgrade and Murdoch Drive Connection.
Last Updated: 05 February 2019