​Nicholson Road (Bridge) Over Rail

Jointly funded by the Australian ($13.7m) and State ($13.7m) Governments, we are building a road bridge over the railway line on Nicholson Road between Bannister Road and Garden Street in Canning Vale. The new road bridge will take Nicholson Road over the Midland to Fremantle Freight Railway and remove the existing railway level railway crossing, enhancing safety and transport efficiencies.

Latest news

The new road bridge and newly re-surfaced roundabout are open to traffic.

At times, night works will be carried out between 7pm and 7am to facilitate finishing works over the bridge and on the adjacent path. This will require lanes to be closed and speed limits reduced on Nicholson Road. Finishing works will include kerbing, line marking, anti-graffiti painting, fencing and landscaping.

Roundabout changes in place

New line markings on the Nicholson Road, Garden Street and Yale Road roundabout have been installed so it operates like most roundabouts in the Perth metropolitan area. The spiral line markings were replaced with regular line marking and signage. Standard road signage is in place to guide road users through the new traffic conditions.

A 60 km/h speed limit has also been applied to the new bridge and roundabout. This has been extended on Nicholson Road to north of Roe Highway interchange for consistency.

Image: Nicholson Road (Bridge) Over RailImage:​ Garden Street and Yale Road roundabout

Scope of works

The works include:

  • A six-lane road bridge over rail
  • Road infrastructure including safety barriers, drainage, signs, screen/noise walls, pavement marking and street lighting
  • Modifying the existing road to maintain traffic flows during construction
  • Pedestrian and cycling infrastructure that includes a pedestrian underpass and a path on the east side of the new bridge.


Image: Nicholson Road (Bridge) Over Rail map


​Key benefits

Enhance traffic operations, economic efficiencies and safety by permanently removing the interface between the road and railway line.    


​Key dates

  • Construction start - December 2016
  • Road and bridge work completion - May 2018
  • Finishing works - September 2018


​More information

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Email: nicholsonroadbridge@mainroads.wa.gov.au

Last Updated: 12 September 2018