Margaret River Perimeter Road

The Margaret River Perimeter Road is 7 km long and extends from Airport Access Road north of Margaret River, linking back to Bussell Highway south of Margaret River.

The road has been planned as a four lane dual carriageway, but will initially be constructed as a two lane single carriageway with major roundabouts at the northern and southern intersection with Bussell Highway, and additional intersections at:

  • Airport Access;
  • John Archibald Drive;
  • Rosa Brook Road (east); and
  • a Light Industrial Area Access

This project will provide an alternative route for heavy vehicles around the Town of Margaret River, in order to reduce congestion and enhance safety for pedestrians and local traffic.

The concept plan outlines the route and key connections. The plan of the northern roundabout shows the new road layout and the species to be used in an extensive revegetation and landscaping program.

Latest news

Bridge beams have arrived

Bridge beams have arrived and we lifted the first one onto the bridge deck Thursday 29 March with lifts continuing over the coming week.

Please stay out of all construction areas for your own safety. Reduced speed limits at the northern entrance to town remain in place.

Images: Bridge beams have arrived on site and are ready to be lifted onto the bridge deck in early April


Travel times in and out of Margaret River will be impacted until at least June 2018. Plan ahead to avoid delays.

  • Bussell Highway at the northern entrance of Margaret River from 19 March
    • Intermittent lane closures and speed reduced to 40 km/h
    • Sunday works are required on 18 and 29 March from 9am to 6pm
  • Bussell Highway north of Margaret River townsite
    • Speed limit reduced to 60 km/h until works are completed
    • Intermittent lane closures and speed reduced to 40 km/h

We remind residents and visitors to “stay safe – stay out of work areas”.

Rose Brook Road: Works commencing mid-January 2018

Rosa Brook Road was disconnected on the western side of the existing Margaret River Perimeter Road intersection on Monday 15 January.

The new route linking Bussell Highway and Rosa Brook Road (east) will be via Margaret River Perimeter Road Stage 1, as shown by the yellow line on the map.

Local traffic can still access Rosa Brook Road from Bussell Highway up to the disconnection point at the western side of the existing Margaret River Perimeter Road intersection.

Detour signs and speed restrictions will be in place.

Ultimately, Rosa Brook Road will only be linked to the Margaret River Perimeter Road from the east. Rosa Brook Road (west) will have a cul-de-sac located to the east of Darch Road. The western portion of Rosa Brook Road from Bussell Highway (near Yahava) to the west of the Perimeter Road will continue to provide access to local residents and businesses.

John Archibald Drive

Construction has commenced on a roundabout at the intersection of Tingle Avenue and John Archibald Drive. Work hours will be Monday to Saturday 7am to 5.30pm. Works involve:

  • Establishment of temporary fencing to allow construction of the roundabout and tie-in
  • Removal and modification of the existing road pavement and shared paths
  • The link to paths along John Archibald Drive will be severed and reinstated once roadworks are complete


  • Works will be noisy and dusty. Water carts will be used to minimise dust as much as possible and hessian has been installed on the temporary fencing
  • To ensure there is no damage to houses from vibration, heavy compacting equipment will not be allowed to operate in vibration mode. Please let us know immediately if you experience any vibration so we can ensure any concerns are dealt with on site as soon as possible
  • Tingle Avenue road reserve used for vehicle parking will be closed
  • Speed restrictions of 40 km/h on the work site have been implemented
  • Vehicles from other work areas are not permitted to use John Archibald Drive as a thoroughfare

The Shire has advised that bins should be left out as normal.

Walk trails

Walk trails will be impacted from September 2017 to July 2018. Your safety during construction is critical.

Darch Trail and John Archibald Drive - There will be increased activity at Darch Brook from 8 December, walkers and bike riders are advised to stay out of the area and not cross the road alignment.

There is no access across the site where we are constructing the bridge over the Margaret River. This includes access either from 10 Mile Dam or from the walk trails originating from town (western areas). Signage is in place that indicates the distance from the construction site, which means you will be able to walk a certain distance but will then have to turn back.

Scope of works

The contract was awarded to Margaret River Perimeter Road (MRPR) Joint Venture, comprising WBHO Infrastructure and SRG Civil Pty Ltd, and they will construct:

  • 5.2 km of perimeter road to connect to Stage One at Rosa Brook intersection 
  • 2.3 km long John Archibald Drive and roundabout connection with the perimeter road
  • the roundabout north of Margaret River and associated road connections 
  • a new entrance road to the airport 
  • a 96 m long road bridge and a separate footbridge on the Darch Trail.

Local contractors and workers will be used in addition to local services such as accommodation, fuel and meals. Work hours will be 7am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.


Read more information on our dedicated environment page.




Video: Recent drone footage


​Key benefits

  • Provide an alternative, high standard, free flowing route for traffic not needing to travel through the Margaret River town site
  • Improve safety
  • Improve traffic flow on Bussell Highway
  • Allow intersection treatments, such as a roundabout at Wallcliffe Road
  • Increased transport efficiency
  • Reduced travel times


​Key dates

Stage One complete: May 2015

Stage Two construction start: September 2017

Stage Two construction complete: December 2018


​More information

Project Overview - September 2017

Concept Plan

Northern Roundabout Plan

Project Overview - July 2012

Project Overview - November 2013 

Last Updated: 14 June 2018