Williams Bridge Improvements

​Two bridges along Albany Highway in Williams, one at the southern end of Williams (over Williams River) and one at the northern end (over Coalling Creek) are being replaced as they are both beyond their design life and incur regular maintenance costs.

Albany Highway is a major regional route for heavy vehicles transporting freight and tourists. In Williams, the Albany Highway has an average daily traffic between 3,800 and 4,600 vehicles.

Latest news

Funding has been allocated by both the Commonwealth and the State Government for the bridge works and construction of the bridges is due to begin late 2018.

To allow traffic to continue using Albany Highway in Williams, side tracks for both bridges are currently being constructed and a Bailey bridge will be installed over Williams River.

Scope of works

  • Replacing Bridge 25 over Williams River with a new bridge and pedestrian footpath. 
  • Replacing Bridge 24 over Coaling Brook with a new bridge. 
  • Improving the road between the two bridges including intersection improvement Richardson Road

Environment and community

Stakeholder consultation activities have been on-going since 2007 and have included presentations to the Shire of Williams Council, community workshops and the establishment of a Community Reference Group (CRG). The CRG was established to provide on-going updates on the project and to assist with key decisions. Nominations were invited from proactive local people and businesses.


​Key benefits

  • Improved safety and reliability on Albany Highway
  • Social amenity improvements including additional street lighting and pedestrian connectivity


​Key Dates

Construction start - late 2018

Construction complete - end 2019


More Information

CRG Meeting Minutes

Last Updated: 10 October 2018