​Vasse Dunsborough Link

Planning project

We are undertaking a planning study to prepare a reservation for the preferred long term alignment of a high standard road link between Vasse and Dunsborough.

The study follows the endorsement of the Blue alignment option by the then Shire (now City) of Busselton and the Western Australian Planning Commission in 2010.

The study area encompasses the preferred Blue route corridor for the Vasse – Dunsborough Link, from the intersection with Caves Road and Commonage Road at the western end, to the intersection with the Busselton Bypass and Bussell Highway at the eastern end. The study involves:

  • Establishment of a Project Working Group involving the City of Busselton, Department of Planning and Department of Environment and Conservation that will have direct input into the planning work.
  • Consultation with directly affected landowners and providing information to the community.
  • Preparation of a planning design concept for a future four-lane divided standard highway, and plans suitable for inclusion of the road reservation in the City of Busselton’s Town Planning Scheme.

There is currently no commitment or allocation of funding from the State Government to construct the road.

Latest news

We have now progressed two key planning studies to prepare design concepts and define the road reservations for the future Busselton Outer Bypass and Vasse Dunsborough Link.

Community and landowner consultation is underway, and a project newsletter is available for download. The concepts are shown in this newsletter providing an overall view for landowners, residents, businesses and community groups throughout the Busselton and Dunsborough communities.

We invite interested stakeholders to comment on these concepts. Once comments have been received and analysed, final plans for both road links will be prepared so that the road reservation can be included in the City of Busselton’s Town Planning Scheme.

This study is being done in conjunction with the City of Busselton and the Department of Planning.

Scope of works

  • The link is being planned as a four lane divided highway.
  • The link will connect with the existing Caves Road/ Commonage Road roundabout in the west and the existing Busselton Bypass/Bussell Highway roundabout in the east. The link will also connect with the BOB to the south.
  • At-grade intersections will be provided at Mewett Road, Quindalup Siding Road and Chain Avenue. 
  • Approximately 1 km east of the Commonage Road roundabout, Caves Road will be realigned to the south to connect with the link at an at-grade intersection.


Investigating the environmental, social, heritage and engineering impacts of the proposed new road link (including spring flora and fauna surveys).



Image: Vasse Dunsborough Link map from our project overview


​More information

Project Overview - November 2013

Last Updated: 12 September 2018