‚ÄčKojonup Freight Route

Planning project

We are undertaking an Alignment Selection Study to identify a future freight route around Kojonup in the Great Southern region. This study will identify a preferred corridor that improves safety and amenity by separating heavy vehicles from local and tourist traffic and ensures the continued growth of the town as a popular tourist destination. It will also allow State and Local Government to plan for the future, with funding available for alignment selection and detailed planning. No funding is currently available for construction.

Latest news

Consultation with key stakeholders, including local government authorities, heavy vehicle operators and local communities, is playing a vital role in this study. In March 2016 we distributed a Study Overview and a feedback form to local communities illustrating the eastern route along with two possible northern links to the town. We also held public displays at Kojonup IGA, giving people the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the study. The feedback from this consultation will be considered during the final assessment process. Once a preferred corridor has been determined, this will be presented to the Local Government. This will then be subject to more detailed planning as part of the Alignment Definition phase. This will include further consultation with affected landowners and stakeholders along with:

  • survey, environmental and heritage field work and assessments
  • hydrological and surface water studies
  • geotechnical and groundwater survey and concept design

Scope of works

As part of the early planning process, we considered a number of options to the east and west of the town.

Western routes were deemed unfeasible because they would sever existing rural properties and a planned residential area from the town centre, significantly impact local recreational facilities and environmentally sensitive areas, have a greater effect on Kojonup’s passing trade or be prohibitively expensive.

An eastern route, with two possible northern links to the town, was then identified in consultation with the Shire of Kojonup for presentation to the community and stakeholders for feedback. This route offers the desired freight efficiency, has less development constraints and minimises any social and environmental impact.

More information

Study Overview - March 2016

Concept Map

Last Updated: 28 December 2018