​Bunbury Outer Ring Road

Planning project

The proposed Bunbury Outer Ring Road is in three sections – northern, central and southern, as follows:

  • The proposed northern section is between Forrest Highway and the Boyanup Picton Road.
  • The 4 km central section was completed in May 2013, and connects Boyanup Picton Road and South Western Highway south of Bunbury (near Bunbury Airport).  A 3 km extension of the Bunbury Port Access Road (Willinge Drive) was built at the same time.
  • The southern section is between South Western Highway and Bussell Highway.

Constructing the northern and southern sections of the BORR will further improve access to Bunbury Port. Travel times, freight efficiency and road safety will be enhanced, with regional traffic better separated from local movements. Access to existing and proposed industrial areas east of Bunbury will also be improved.

Latest news

The Commonwealth and State Governments announced a $2.3 billion infrastructure package for Western Australia in 2017. This included a $12.5 million allocation to complete the planning and project development of the unbuilt sections (northern and southern) of the BORR to take place between 2017 and 2019.

Construction of the BORR is not currently funded.

Our planning review is focusing on the alignment of the northern section. An alignment further east of that previously being considered is now under consideration, as this is more efficient and better integrates with proposed developments at Wanju and Waterloo. Consultation with a number of stakeholders is well underway to obtain their input prior to any alignment selection decisions being made. We wrote to all potentially impacted landowners in November 2017 and have been meeting with them to discuss impacts and concerns.

We have invited residents in Roelands (Meadow Landing area) to provide comment on the alignment selection study. More information is contained in this letter.

Once the final alignment has been selected, we will assess where connections will be included for both the northern and southern sections. This will allow the long term vision for the BORR to be finalised, including a detailed access strategy and land requirement plans.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder and community engagement is continuing, with northern section landowners, local government authorities and State Government agencies. During 2018 and 2019 we will work with all key stakeholders to discuss project issues and minimise potential impacts, including environmental, heritage (Indigenous and European), social and economic impacts.


Image: Bunbury Outer Ring Road Planning Review - under consideration


​Key Benefits

  • Facilitate the development of the Bunbury Port and South West industry;
  • Improve travel times and freight efficiency;
  • Improve road safety;
  • Improve access to existing and proposed development areas
  • Facilitate future rail proposals in the Bunbury area
  • Regional traffic will be separated from local traffic, reducing inter-regional traffic and long haul heavy freight passing through Bunbury.
Last Updated: 19 February 2018