‚ÄčAlbany Ring Road

Planning project

Albany Ring Road is a proposed heavy haulage route around the City of Albany for the transport of product including grain, fertiliser and woodchips to and from the Port of Albany. The ring road will link the existing major arterial main roads and highways radiating from Albany whilst bypassing urban areas and providing improved access to Mirambeena Industrial Estate.

Currently Albany Highway and South Coast Highway form the only available route for heavy vehicles travelling from inland areas to the Port of Albany.

This existing route traverses urban areas, including negotiating Albany Highway/Chester Pass Road roundabout; which requires heavy vehicles to interact with a high volume of general commuter traffic.

Stage One of Albany Ring Road (Chester Pass Road to Albany Highway) was completed in 2007 at a cost of $15.9 million.

Preliminary concept designs for Stage Two and Stage Three have been completed and we anticipate that both Stages will be delivered together to form a connection to the Port of Albany once funding has been secured.

View the Proposed Albany Ring Road Alignment.

The preliminary cost estimate for the construction of Stages Two and Three of Albany Ring Road is $172 million.

Latest news

A Federal Government funding submission to Infrastructure Australia for the remaining $137 million required for the project is in progress.

Scope of works

Stage 1: Chester Pass Road to Albany Highway on Menang Drive‚ÄĒCompleted in 2007 ($15.9 million).
Stage 2: George Street through to Princess Royal Drive.
Stage 3: Albany Highway to Lower Denmark Road via Link Road/George Street.

We have completed preliminary designs for Stages 2 and 3 and anticipate that both Stages will be delivered together to form the connection to the Port. 

Environment and community

Community involvement

There has been significant community involvement during the development of the proposed alignment for Albany Ring Road, particularly prior to and during the construction of Stage One.  Feedback obtained during public presentations, from media advertisements and community newsletters was used to inform the planning work undertaken for the project.

We will continue to keep the community up-to-date on the progress of the project.

Land acquisition

A number of properties have been acquired as part of the alignment definition and preliminary planning work undertaken to date. Further land acquisition activities will be undertaken when construction funding has been secured for the development of the remaining stages of the project.




Image: Proposed Albany Ring Road Alignment map


Key benefits

  • Improve traffic times and traffic flow across the road network;
  • Provide improved road safety outcomes for all road users; and
  • Provide an improved level of service for the freight industry.
Last Updated: 12 September 2018