​Miling Straight

In partnership with CPB Contractors we are undertaking upgrade works and constructing a new section of highway between Miling North Road and Gatti Road.

Latest news

The 22 km of new highway is now open to traffic between Miling North Road and Gatti Road. It includes new overtaking lanes and additional rest areas suitable for heavy vehicles and passenger vehicles. Finishing works will continue over the coming months to complete side roads, drainage and landscaping. 

Scope of works

  • Building 23 km of new highway, between Miling North Road and Gatti Road
  • Widening and upgrading 3 km of existing highway
  • Additional roadside stopping places
  • New overtaking lanes
  • Realignment of Miling North Road to provide a staggered T-intersection with Great Northern Highway to improve highway crossing safety.


Image: Great Northern Highway, Miling Straight


Image: Miling Straight map


​Key benefits

  • Improved safety
  • Improved freight efficiency and fuel economy


Key dates

  • Construction commenced - November 2016
  • Construction completion - mid 2018


​More information

Media: Great Northern Highway's Miling Straight no longer narrow - 21 June 2018

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Phone: 1800 820 366

Last Updated: 23 July 2018