Upgrading the 16 kilometre section of Great Northern Highway from Gatti Road to north of Pithara will enhance road safety and efficiency. The project will provide a widened road surface, new overtaking lanes and intersection improvements. A section of the Northam-Pithara Road will also be upgraded as part of these works along with modifications within the Pithara town site.

Latest news

The project team is making good progress with all clearing works completed and much of the embankment construction work complete for the southern section. Works further north through the Pithara town site are planned to commence after winter which may cause some minor disruptions for road users.

The area adjacent to the Pithara Tavern has been developed into a 50 person fully equipped camp that will house the majority of fulltime workers on the project.

Scope of works

  • 10.3 km of new highway, to be built next to the existing highway south of the Northam–Pithara Road;
  • 5.7 km of highway widening and upgrade;
  • 1.5 km upgrade of Northam-Pithara Road
  • New overtaking lanes;
  • Intersection improvements at Sheoak Road, Moller Road, Crampton Street, Northam-Pithara Road, Pithara West Road and Pithara East Road.

Modifications are also planned for the road layout in the Pithara townsite including new bus bays for intrastate bus services.

The existing intersections of Roach Street and Bonney Street with Great Northern Highway will also be transformed into cul-de-sacs to improve road safety in town for local and highway traffic.


  Image: Pithara map


​Key benefits

  • Separation of heavy and local traffic
  • Improved safety
  • Improved freight efficiency and fuel economy


Key dates

  • Construction start: April 2018
  • Construction finish: Mid 2019
Last Updated: 06 August 2018