​Muchea North

We are planning to upgrade the busy 14 km section of Great Northern Highway from Muchea to Chittering Roadhouse. A dual carriageway will be provided for three kilometres north of the planned interchange at Muchea. We will also acquire the land to allow for the future development of a dual carriageway to Chittering Roadhouse.

Scope of works

  • New highway built next to the existing Great Northern Highway, linking up with the proposed NorthLink WA project at Muchea;
  • New local access roads to provide safer access points to the highway; and
  • Improved road geometry and grades.


Notice of response to Public Submissions closes 24 November 2018

EPBC 2016/7656 Preliminary Documentation ​EPBC 2016/7656 Referral Documentation
Part 1Referral Form​
Part 2​Supporting information​
AppendixA Part 1 Ecological Survey ReportsSupporting information AppendixA​
AppendixA Part 2 Ecological Survey Reports​Response to Public Submissions
AppendixB Offset Proposal ​​



Image: Muchea North preliminary plan


​Key benefits

Once the upgrade works are complete, the existing portion of Great Northern Highway will become a local access road, providing greater separation for local and regional traffic.


​Key dates

  • Construction is expected to start - early 2018
  • Expected completion mid-2019


​More information

Preliminary plan

Email: info@m2w.com.au

Phone: 1800 820 366

Last Updated: 27 November 2017