Miling Bypass

Great Northern Highway is being upgraded from Lyons East Road to Miling North Road, including the construction of an eastern bypass of the Miling town site. Road safety will be significantly improved by directing road trains away from the town centre and local primary school.

Latest news

Watpac Civil and Mining Pty Ltd commenced construction works in April 2018. Clearing and storage of topsoil is almost complete and service relocations, cuttings and embankments are well progressed. The installation of culverts has also commenced.

On 11 June the Miling Primary School enjoyed a field trip to the Milng Bypass construction site. The children were driven through the new alignment and shown the massive machinery being used on the project. They were also given the opportunity to climb aboard the 777 dump truck to experience what it is like to be behind the wheel of such a large machine.

Image: Miling Primary School students measuring McLagan's Driveway​Image​: Miling Primary School students with 777 dump truck

Scope of works

  • Re-alignment of Miling West Road to provide a direct access road to the CBH facility from the north of the town;
  • A southern realignment of Miling Moora Road to avoid floodplains; and
  • A realignment of Miling East Road to provide a staggered T-intersection for safe crossing of the bypass.


Image: Miling Bypass map


Key benefits 

  • Better separation of local and heavy traffic, improving safety
  • Minimisation of noise and vibration in the small farming town
  • Improved freight efficiency and fuel economy


​Key dates

Construction start: April 2018

Construction finish: Mid 2019

Last Updated: 24 July 2018