​North West Coastal Highway and Hosken Street Intersection, Geraldton


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In August 2017, we sought community feedback on options to improve safety and efficiency at the busy intersection of North West Coastal Highway and Hosken Street, near Bluff Point.

A roundabout was preferred and supported by ourselves and City of Greater Geraldton, as research indicates roundabouts are more efficient than traffic signals.

For more information about the consultation process and our responses to common issues raised by the community, please refer to our Consultation Report.

Project scope

The new roundabout will be built with four legs to include a new connection into Spalding, linking up with Horan Street. This additional connection will help facilitate an urban renewal program in Spalding, planned by the Department of Communities. It was also considered beneficial by members of the community who provided feedback.

For safety reasons, Strickland Street will also be modified to provide left-in, left-out access only to North West Coastal Highway and a cul-de-sac at the Horan Street end.

Read our latest Project Update for more information.


​Key benefits

  • Improve safety
  • Improve traffic flow
  • Improve pedestrian facilities


​Key dates

  • Construction state - early 2018 
  • Construction complete by mid 2018 
Last Updated: 08 January 2018