​Indian Ocean Drive

After a series of serious crashes on Indian Ocean Drive, between Two Rocks and Lancelin, an Indian Ocean Drive Safety Review Group was convened in August 2017 to examine road safety issues on this stretch of road and to recommend to Government what measures could be taken to improve safety.

Drawing upon the expertise of senior and experienced staff from the Road Safety Commission, Western Australia Police Force and Main Roads, the review group adopted a ‘Safe System’ approach to reviewing the issues and considering recommended actions. The Indian Ocean Drive Safety Review Report was issued on 8 November 2017, outlining a number of recommendations for improving safety.


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Latest news

Construction of four new overtaking lanes, two northbound and two southbound between Seabird and Lancelin, commenced in April 2018 and was completed December 2018.  The overtaking lanes, and the infill widened sections, have incorporated a Wide Centre Line Treatment (WCLT) to provide further safety improvements. The sections between these new passing lanes have also been upgraded with 14 km of WCLT to improve safety. Further widening will commence in January 2019.

Scope of current works

Some of the immediate short-term responses actioned include:

  • Reduction of speed limit from 110 km/h to 100 km/h. The recommendation was informed by a ‘real world’ speed assessment undertaken as part of the review, coupled with speed data, infringements from Western Australia Police Force and public feedback. Based on this data, the current median operating speed on this stretch of road was found to vary from 99-to-103km/h.
    • As a result, the report “determined that reducing the speed limit until other infrastructure enhancements could be implemented would improve public safety”
    • The speed limit change will only increase travel time between Two Rocks Turnoff and Lancelin by an extra three minutes. The 100 km/h speed limit will start at the end of the 90 km/h zone located approximately 4 km south of Breakwater Drive, and continue until the start of the 90 km/h just south of K.W. Road.
    • The speed limit on this stretch will be reassessed once all recommended infrastructure improvements have been finalised.
  • Installation of edge and centre audible line marking. By providing an audible warning to prompt driver recovery, this treatment has the capacity to reduce head-on crashes as well as single vehicle ‘run-off to the right’ crashes. The installation of the audible lines (centre and edge) was completed April 2018.
  • Improved signage. Installation of curve warning signs, wildlife warning signs and replacement of guide signs will also be undertaken, expected to be completed by February 2018.
  • Widening of the road north from Breakwater Drive is planned to commence in December 2018 and will also include a Wide Centre Line Treatment.




​Key benefits

These immediate treatments will improve safety.  Planning is progressing to enable implementation of further mid-term treatments.

Last Updated: 24 December 2018