​Busselton Outer Bypass

  • Planning for the future Busselton Outer Bypass between Sues Road, east of Busselton and Bussell Highway, Vasse Newton
  • Remove regional traffic from the inner Busselton area


In conjunction with the City of Busselton and Department of Planning, we are finalising a planning study to confirm the alignment for the future Busselton Outer Bypass (BOB). Once the study has been completed, final plans will be prepared so that the road reservation can be included in the City of Busselton’s Town Planning Scheme.

Proposed works may include:

  • A four-lane freeway standard road between Sues Road and Marbellup Road, with provision for a future transit route in the central median.
  • The section to the west of Marbellup Road is being planned as a four lane divided highway.
  • The BOB connects with the Vasse Dunsborough Link to the north.
  • Grade separated interchanges at Bussell Highway east /Sues Road, Vasse Highway, Ambergate and Bussell Highway west/Marbellup Road.
  • The Ambergate interchange will serve Ambergate North and areas to the south. Local roads will connect the interchange cross-road to Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Chapman Hill Road to distribute traffic on the road network.
  • Chapman Hill Road and Kaloorup Road will pass over the BOB with no connection.
  • Queen Elizabeth Avenue and Boallia Road will be closed either side of the BOB.
  • Atgrade intersections will be provided at North Jindong Road (southern side only) and at the Carbunup townsite access to the east.


Throughout September and October 2011, a community consultation program was conducted to gain feedback on options for the future BOB. The outcomes of consultation are included in the June 2012 Project Overview PDF. Following the assessment of feedback, the Shire of Busselton endorsed the Blue Option as the preferred general corridor alignment in December 2011. In March 2012, the Western Australian Planning Commission’s South West Region Planning Committee approved the adoption of the Blue Option to guide future planning of the BOB.

We have continued with more detailed planning to develop a preferred planning design concept and reservation for the future BOB. This was open for consultation in 2013/14 with directly affected landowners, the community and key stakeholders.

The proposed BOB was initially identified in the Leeuwin Naturaliste Region Plan (SPC 1987), and included in the Busselton Urban Growth Strategy (1999). Continued traffic growth on the existing Busselton Bypass will result in delays, congestion and reduced safety for road users. Planning for a BOB will cater for the expected future traffic volumes, and the existing bypass will operate as a district distributor road for local traffic.


Image: Busselton Outer Bypass map from our project overview



  • Remove regional traffic from the inner Busselton area
  • Provide an alternative route to the existing bypass for the expected future increase in traffic movements
  • Improve connectivity to Vasse Newtown and the proposed Vasse-Dunsborough route
  • Provide a high standard, free flowing route for traffic
  • Minimise impact on environmental and heritage areas


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Open Project Overview PDF - November 2013

Open Project Overview PDF - June 2012

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