​​​​​​​​​​​​​Orrong Road and Francisco Street Intersection Upgrade​

  • ​Safety improvements to modify and upgrade this key black spot intersection      
  • Work is underway and due for completion in February 2020.


Works on this busy intersection in Lathlain include:

  • extending the left-turn lane for Orrong Road northbound into Francisco Place
  • providing an extended double right-turn lane for Orrong Road northbound into Francisco Street
  • providing an additional merging lane for Francisco Street eastbound
  • extending the right-turn lane for Orrong Road southbound turning into Francisco Place
  • traffic signal modifications, including the installation of mast arms on Orrong Road to improve visibility
  • installing CCTV and speed cameras (in association with WA Police)
  • upgrading street lighting and pedestrian crossing facilities
  • resurfacing works

Project update

To minimise disruption to traffic on this busy route, the majority of work on Orrong Road will be undertaken between 7pm and 5am and every effort is being made to reduce noise during this time. Some work on Francisco Street is being undertaken during the day. ​


  • September 2019: Construction starts​
  • February 2020: Project completion


  • Some clearing was undertaken for this project. Offset planting is planned in the local area at the conclusion of the works, in consultation with local government.


  • Improve safety, traffic flow and efficiency​


  • The State Government has funded this $4.5 million project.
Last Updated: 29 January 2020