​​​​​​​North West Coastal Highway and Madigan Road

Road Train Assembly Area

  • Construction of a 2.1 km long overtaking lane between Karratha and Roebourne, approximately 16 km north of Madigan Road and North West Coastal Highway intersection.
  • Works include safety improvements and widening works on Madigan Road and lighting the new assembly area.
  • Due for completion in August 2020.

Image: Project site with a construction vehicle


We are building a new Road Train Assembly Area (RTAA) on the corner of Madigan Road, adjacent to North West Coastal Highway. 

The RTAA will allow road trains to break down and assemble safely and away from residential buildings. It will also ensure that heavy vehicle operators have an opportunity to manage fatigue issues. The passing lane provides a safe opportunity for overtaking, and addresses traffic congestion on North West Coastal Highway.

As part of this project, we will:

  • Construct the RTAA with 36 triple Road Train breakdown bays and lighting. 
  • Widen Madigan Road to improve access and incorporate drainage improvements
  • Construct an addition 2.1 km overtaking lane on North West Coastal Highway between Karratha and Roebourne.

There will be minimal impact to road users during the construction of the Road Train Assembly Area as work will be undertaken off the existing Madigan Rd alignment. 

Road users can expect some disruptions during the construction of the Overtaking Lane on North West Coastal Highway, with some traffic management in place.

Project Update

Construction is progressing well. Almost 87,000 cubic metres of earth has been moved so far. Once completed, the area will accommodate 36 triple road trains with breakdown bays and lighting.

Earthworks on the 2.1 km overtaking lane on North West Coastal Highway between Karratha and Roebourne are also underway. Traffic Management is in place and we thank road users for their patience while we undertake these works.


Early February 2020: construction began

August 2020: construction completion


  • Ensure the assembling/disassembling of road trains is undertaken safely and away from residential areas 
  • Provide a safe rest area for heavy vehicles to prevent fatigue 
  • Reduce congestion on North West Coastal Highway 
  • Improve road safety 
  • Stimulate regional economic growth and employment opportunities ​


The project is jointly funded by the Federal and State Governments.

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Last Updated: 10 June 2020