Wanneroo Road Widening

Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive

  • Widening Wanneroo Road between Joondalup Drive and Flynn Drive.
  • Construction started in October 2017 and was complete in April 2019.
  • Enhance safety, efficiency and reduce travel times.


Image: Design map from the December 2017 Newsletter


The widening of Wanneroo Road from Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive is complete.

Widening the road will significantly improve congestion and create safer, more efficient journeys. In addition, the project has included intersection upgrades at Golf Links Drive and Carramar Road, a Principal Shared Path for cyclists and pedestrians, noisewalls, bus stop facilities, drainage, landscaping and U-Turn facilities to provide access to driveways on Wanneroo Road.  


  • October 2017: Construction commencing
  • April 2019: Construction completion




  • Remove existing pinch point of Wanneroo Road to alleviate current congestion
  • Accommodate increasing volumes of traffic generated by population growth and industrial development in the North West corridor of the Perth Metropolitan area
  • Support ongoing development of Wanneroo Road as a major north-south alternative to Mitchell Freeway
  • Enhance road safety and efficiency and reduce travel times

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Last Updated: 23 April 2019