Wanneroo Road Widening - Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive

Upgrading Wanneroo Road to a dual carriageway from Joondalup Drive to Flynn Drive will enhance road safety and efficiency and reduce travel times. The project will also cater for long-term traffic demands generated by rapid population growth in Perth’s north-west metropolitan corridor.

The project will convert the existing single-lane road to a dual carriageway over 3.2 km in each direction that provides a north-south alternative to Mitchell Freeway and is critical for efficient industry connectivity to the Wangara and Neerabup industrial parks.


Image: Design map from the December 2017 Newsletter

Latest news

Out-of-hours works

Night works are required in late-August to open Golf Links Drive and close Carramar Road, and then again to reopen Carramar Road. Dates will be advertised on signage at the intersection ahead of works.

To minimise disturbance to residents, a range of measures are being implemented including:

  • maintaining machinery to a high standard to reduce noise levels and vibrations
  • using low-noise reversing vehicles when possible
  • handling materials in a way that reduces the number of vehicle movements
  • operating equipment on the lowest effective vibration setting
  • providing advance notice to residents of any activities nearby

Due to weather conditions delaying the project’s progress, works will be undertaken between 8am and 4pm on Sundays throughout August and September. The extra day of work will allow the project to avoid further delays and meet the scheduled completion of late 2018. Activities will be similar to standard weekday works including earthworks, delivery of materials and road construction.

Location ​​Estimated timeframe​Impact

​Golf Links Drive

at Wanneroo Rd

4 ​May to late-August

24 hour works

Carramar Road

at Wanneroo Rd

Late-August to mid-September

24 hour works

Scope of works

  • Intersection upgrades at Golf Links Drive and Carramar Road
  • Construction of 3.2km of dual carriageway within the road reserve
  • Noise walls along the eastern side of Wanneroo Road between Joondalup Drive and Carramar Road, Carramar
  • Drainage, retaining walls and landscaping




​Key benefits

  • Remove existing pinch point of Wanneroo Road to alleviate current congestion
  • Accommodate increasing volumes of traffic generated by population growth and industrial development in the North West corridor of the Perth Metropolitan area
  • Support ongoing development of Wanneroo Road as a major north-south alternative to Mitchell Freeway
  • Enhance road safety and efficiency and reduce travel times


​Key dates

  • Construction commencing: October 2017
  • Construction completion: October 2018


​Further Information

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Last Updated: 20 August 2018