Mitchell Freeway Northbound Widening

Hutton Street to Cedric Street

  • Widening Mitchell Freeway northbound between Hutton Street and Cedric Street, in Osborne Park.
  • We expect to call tenders in May 2019 and start work in September 2019.
  • Improve safety, reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.


Works will see an additional lane northbound for approximately 2 km. New safety barriers, including 6.5 km of new high standard concrete barriers will be installed.

Other works include:

  • Double exit lane on the Cedric Street exit
  • New street lighting
  • Modification to CCTV camera locations and Vehicle Detection Stations

Project update

Noise monitoring has been completed and the design is being finalised. We expect to call tenders in May and start work in September.


  • May 2019: Call for tenders
  • September 2019: Roadworks commence


Image: Map


  • Reduce congestion and improve traffic flow 
  • Improve safety


This project is funded by the State Government.

Last Updated: 18 April 2019