​​​Great Northern Highway Upgrade - Ord River North

  • Realignment upgrades to a section of Great Northern Highway, north of Ord River are complete and open to traffic.
  • Finishing works are expected to be complete in 2020.
  • Works are part of ongoing safety and accessibility improvements on Great Northern Highway in Kimberly region.

​​Image: Aerial view of Great Northern Highway construction


The project comprises the upgrading eight kilometres of Great Northern Highway upgraded between Ord River and Tickalara Creek, 100 kilometres north of Halls Creek including reconstruction, realignment and widening works.

Works will also include:

  • Construction of two passing lanes
  • Reconstruction of two parking bays
  • Resurfacing Spring Creek Bridge

Following on from other projects in the region of Great Northern Highway such as the works in Maggie Creek to Wyndham and Bow River Bridge, these projects will collectively provide a more reliable road network and continued employment for the local community.

Visit the Great Northern Highway - Maggie Creek to Wyndham page to find out more about the project.

Project update

Realignment upgrades are complete and open to traffic. Two parking bays and the resurfacing of the Spring Creek Bridge are expected to be completed in 2020.

Aboriginal Participation

Aboriginal engagement and participation has been a major focus for the project team, who are working closely with the local community of Warmun to create job opportunities and provide a culturally-sensitive working environment.

During delivery of the project, unprecedented Aboriginal participation rates have been achieved.

  • ​An average of 32 per cent (25 per cent local, 7 per cent non-local) of the onsite workforce have been Aboriginal; and
  • More than 15 per cent of contract spend has gone to Aboriginal businesses.

The project is providing a training ground for many Aboriginal workers to enter the road construction industry and gain valuable skills and experience. ​


  • Mid-2019: Construction commenced
  • Late-2019: Construction completed


Image: Great Northern Highway Upgrade - Ord River North Map


  • Improved safety and access
  • Increased productivity, freight reliability and efficiency for the transport industry
  • Continued employment and business opportunities for the Kimberly region, local Aboriginal people and business


The project is jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments.


Last Updated: 16 June 2020