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Muchea North

Current status - Work commenced in December 2018 and are due to be complete in mid-2020​

A 1.7 km new section of Great Northern Highway, south of Chittering Roadhouse, is now open to traffic. This is in addition to the 6 km section of the new carriageway, immediately north of Muchea that was opened on 6 February. The new sections will continue to be under speed reductions to facilitate the safe completion of nearby construction work, and to allow motorists time to adjust to the new road environment.

Upgraded intersections are operational at Wandena Road, Maddern South Road and a new access road to eastern properties south of Wandena Road. The Reserve Road intersection and connection to Sugar Gum Drive remain under construction. Please refer to the new alignment and access map for more information. Muchea North - New Alignment Traffic Switch pdf

Drainage and landscaping works along with side road construction are all progressing. Work is also progressing to widen and upgrade the remaining 3.5 km of existing highway.

Take care when driving through the project site. Traffic management including speed reductions, lane closures and temporary intersection closures will be in place when required.


Video: Muchea North Aboriginal Engagement    

Other Works ​​​

At the northern end of the project, cut to fill operations are continuing and works have commenced on road widening.

At the centre of the project, highway traffic will continue on the temporarily alignment, which will ultimately become a future local access road. Access to Maddern Road has been restored, thank you for your patience. 

​Road users are reminded to take care when driving through the project site. Traffic management including speed restrictions, lane closures and temporary intersection closures will be in place when required. ​

Works will include:

  • Construction of three km of dual carriageway (visit the Nor​thLink WA project page to find out more about works near Muchea) and 10 km of new wider single carriageway through to Chittering Roadhouse.
  • Realignment of intersections at Old Gingin Road, Reserve Road, Wandena Road, Maddern South Road and Sugar Gum Drive will also be realigned. 
  • The existing highway will be used for local property access to provide controlled and safer access points to the highway.

 Open Muchea North Project Map PDF


Walebing and Wubin Upgrades ​​

Current status - Work commenced in November 2019 and is due to be completed in mid-2020

In ​Walebing, embankment and drainage works are progressing with online roadworks expected to commence from late March. Construction equipment and crews will have increased interaction with traffic on Great Northern Highway and Midlands Roads as these works progress. Speed restrictions and traffic management will be in place and road users are urged to take extra care when travelling through the project site.

In ​Wubin, the majority of embankment works are complete and pavement and drainage works are underway. A temporary sealed side track is in place to facilitate construction of the new intersection. Some traffic disruptions are expected during upcoming works and road users are urged to follow all traffic management in place.

Read the latest construction update documents for further information:

Works include:

  • Construction of four km of new highway through Walebing (the existing highway will be repurposed as local access roads)
  • Upgrade of intersections with Midlands Road and Old Geraldton Road
  • Upgrade to the Great Northern Highway intersection in Wubin to allow future southern access for 53.5 m road trains, access to local facilities and the Road Train Assembly Area

The new highway through Walebing will have an improved alignment replacing the existing tight low-speed curve and making that section safer and easier. In Wubin, widening works at the intersection with Mullewa-Wubin Road and upgrades around the Road Train Assembly area will improve access for heavy vehicles.

Open Wubin Project Map JPG

Open Walebing Map PDF 

Bindoon Bypass

Current status - Planning

Progress continues on planning for the 66 km bypass of Bindoon up to New Norcia. One of the key constructions approvals, the Public Environmental Review document for the southern section, was submitted in August 2018 and will be available for public review comment for 6 weeks from 25 May 2020. These documents can be found on the Community & Environment page. Environmental approvals for the southern section are expected to be received in mid 2021.

Remaining statutory environmental approval applications for the 18 km northern section from Calingiri Road to New Norcia were submitted in October 2019. This section is expected to require a referral under the EPBC Act 1999 at a Federal level, and a clearing permit under the EP Act 1986 at a State level. Due to significantly reduced environmental impacts associated with building the highway outside the existing road reserve, the environmental approvals for the northern section are expected to be received in June 2020.

Land requirements have been finalised for the 66km highway upgrade and land acquisition processes have been commenced across the entire length of the project. It is expected that land acquisition will take between 9 and 18 months to complete. We are working with all affected landowners to understand the impacts to individual properties, and available options to mitigate the impacts of the land acquisition where practicible.

With the State Government announcing funding on 9 May 2019, the $275 million Bindoon Bypass is now fully funded for construction. Once complete, the bypass will allow 53.5 metre road trains to travel south to Muchea. Several heavy vehicle rest areas are planned along the bypass. An indicative  construction schedule will be communicated as soon as possible.

Works include a western bypass of Bindoon, providing a link between Chittering Ro​​adhouse and New Norcia Bypass. The Bindoon Bypass Project will connect to the new North Link WA Northern Section which intersects with Brand Highway (expected to be completed in early 2020), and to the upgraded highway from Muchea to Chittering Roadhouse (expected to be completed in mid-2020). To the north, the Bindoon Bypass will connect to the recent bypass of New Norcia completed in June 2019.

Open Bindoon Bypass Project Map PDF


Current status – Completed July 2019

The upgrade works included the construction of 10.3 km of new highway, 5.7 km of widening and improvements and a 1.5 km upgrade of Northam-Pithara Road. Intersection improvements and modifications within the Pithara townsite were also part of the works. Over 220,000 seedlings have been planted within the project site including the area where the redundant highway was removed.

Open Pithara Project Map PDF

​Miling Bypass

Current status - Completed April 2019

An eastern bypass around the Miling townsite was constructed along with nine kms of upgraded highway and 2.5 kms of side road improvements. The upgrades also included improved flood protection on Miling-Moora Road, a safer one-metre wide centreline treatment, wider sealed shoulders and two new overtaking lanes. 

  Open Miling Bypass Project Map

Miling Straight

Current status - Completed June 2018

22 km of new highway was constructed between Miling North Road and Gatti Road. It includes new overtaking lanes and additional rest areas suitable for heavy vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Open Miling Straight Map PDF

New Norcia Bypass

Current status - Completed May 2017

A six km bypass to the east of the historic town of New Norcia was constructed, including a new 88 m bridge over Moore River and a scenic lookout. The project has helped remove heavy vehicle movements away from the town, allowing for future development and restoration of the town.

Batty Bog

Current status - Completed November 2015

Work on the 21 km section between Batty Bog Road and Walebing involved upgrades to improve geometry, provide more overtaking opportunities and improved safety.

Bindi Bindi  

Current status - Completed February 2015

Upgrades included an 11 km realignment to remove dangerous bends, a new rail crossing at Balidu-Bindi Road intersection and more overtaking opportunities.​

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Traffic and community impacts

Some activities such as earthworks and road construction may result in noise, dust and vibration. Managing these impacts is of high importance and undertaken in accordance with the project’s Environmental Management Plan. Where possible, works are planned to ensure minimal impact and local residents will be informed of upcoming construction activities.
Please refer to the Travel Map for up-to-date traffic and travel information.


Last Updated: 26 May 2020