About the project

Great Northern Highway forms part of the National Highway Network and provides a strategic freight link between Perth and the State’s north as well as Darwin and the Northern Territory.

Stage One - Complete

Between 2000 and 2009, Stage One of the Great Northern Highway Muchea to Wubin Upgrade project was completed, which saw 76 km of the highway upgraded.

Stage Two – Underway

In 2014 a comprehensive planning review was undertaken of the full Muchea to Wubin link along the highway.

A series of construction packages were prioritised following the review, which include town bypasses, wider roads, more passing lanes, flattening crests and easing curves, safer roadsides, more rest stops and additional facilities for heavy vehicles.

Jointly funded by the Australian and Western Australian Governments, the $347.8 million project will improve road safety, increase freight efficiency and reduce traffic delays, improve travel times and access, improve roadside amenities, and enhance the environmental value of roadsides.

The key objectives for the project include: 

  • Improved safety;
  • Increased freight efficiency and reduced traffic delays;
  • Improved network reliability - improving travel times and enhancing network access;
  • Enhanced travel wellbeing - improvements in roadside amenities for rest and driver information;
  • Contribution to sustainable and viable communities - by balancing community concerns, economic, community safety and network access issues; and
  • Enhancement of the environment - by undertaking practices to retain and improve the environmental value of roadsides.










Image: Stage 2 map

Last Updated: 27 August 2019