Kwinana Freeway Southbound On-ramp from Manning Road

Manning Road provides an important access route for residential housing, schools and businesses within the suburbs of Como, Manning, Karawara, Salter Point and Waterford. These suburbs are bordered by Canning River to the south, which significantly constrains alternative regional road connections.

Currently, connectivity between Kwinana Freeway and Manning Road is limited with no direct connection between the two for those heading south on the freeway.

To improve connectivity for local residents and alleviate rat-running, the State and Australian Government has committed $35 million to construct a southbound on-ramp and provide direct access to the freeway.

Latest news

The project is currently in the concept development phase where we will confirm the road alignment, format of local road connections and land requirements on Manning Road between Clydesdale Street and Kwinana Freeway.

Construction work is currently scheduled to begin in early-2019, subject to land acquisition and the competitive tender process being successfully initiated.

Scope of works

  • Construction of a southbound on-ramp from Manning Road to connect with Kwinana Freeway
  • Construct a new southbound lane from the Canning Highway on-ramp to the Edgewater Road footbridge 
  • Construct a new merge lane from the on-ramp to the freeway heading south 
  • Close access to Manning Road from Lockhart Street 
  • Provide left out only access at Edgecumbe Street to Manning Road, and 
  • Create signalised access at the Manning Road intersection with Clydesdale Street (including right-turn pocket from Manning Road to Clydesdale Street).


The project’s land requirements are currently being confirmed, with some private land identified as needing to be acquired. Initial contact with affected land owners is underway with the formal land acquisition process expected to be implemented during late 2017.

Noise assessment for the project will be required under Western Australian Planning Commission requirements for major road developments. This includes undertaking noise monitoring and modelling that will be used to determine where and what type of noise mitigation will be required for the project. During construction works a Noise Management Plan will be developed and implemented to manage construction related noise.


We will liaise closely with the local community through the project design and delivery stages.

In the coming months, we will engage directly with residents at the boundaries of the project as well as other relevant local business owners, special interest groups and neighbouring landowners.

In addition, the local community will be able to access project information in a range of ways including, project updates, this webpage and information sessions.




Image: Kwinana Freeway at Manning Road map from our fact sheet


​Key benefits

  • Provide road network connectivity for road users wishing to travel south on Kwinana Freeway from Manning Road
  • Resolve travel time inefficiencies and rat running through the local area by providing a more direct route to commercial centres
  • Reduce congestion and improve safety at the Canning Bridge and Kwinana Freeway interchange by redistributing traffic to a more direct route south from Manning Road


​Key dates

Construction work is currently scheduled to begin in early 2019, subject to land acquisition and the competitive tender process being successfully initiated.


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Last Updated: 21 May 2018