As part of a commitment to easing Perth’s congestion, we have been undertaking short and long-term planning in order to transform Perth’s freeways to cope with population and economic growth to ensure consistent and improved travel times for all road users.

The freeway strategy includes widening to provide additional capacity at key bottlenecks and the use of Smart Freeway technology to manage the flow of traffic to ensure consistent travel times are maintained, as well as providing real-time information to road users.

We are also planning to complete gaps in the shared pedestrian and cycle path network, where they are located close to freeways, to create end-to-end journeys.

The first stage of the freeway strategy focuses on upgrading the highest priority sections of Perth’s freeways and includes four projects that were recently funded by the Australian and State Governments as part of a $2.3 billion investment in road and rail infrastructure.




Image: Kwinana Freeway northbound

Last Updated: 08 April 2019