Reid Highway Dual Carriageway between Altone Road and West Swan Road

The project to widen Reid Highway to a dual carriageway between Altone Road and West Swan Road is part of a $2.3 billion package of road and rail infrastructure works, funded by the Australian ($1.6 billion) and State ($750 million) Governments.

Reid Highway is a strategic east-west route for industry and commuters travelling across Perth’s north. This is the last section between Marmion Avenue and Great Northern Highway that is not a dual carriageway (the dual carriageway between Beechboro Road and Altone Road is now under construction as part of NorthLink WA.

Latest news

Project Update – June 2018

Our latest Project Update is now available to view. This update provides an overview of the project scope, including a proposal for a new bridge connecting the northern and southern sections of Arthur Street. It also invites the community to get involved in the project through a Construction Reference Group.

Arthur Street Bridge - June 2018

A new bridge over Reid Highway, connecting the northern and southern sections of Arthur Street, will be included in the scope of the Reid Highway Widening project as priced option following a funding commitment by the City of Swan and State Government.

Design concept

We have confirmed a design concept and called Expressions of Interest from contractors for a Design and Construct contract.

It is anticipated that a contract will be awarded in the final quarter of 2018.

Detailed design will be completed following award, allowing construction to begin in 2019. We will also complete noise modelling to determine the final design and location of noise walls and consult with adjacent property owners at this time.

Construction Reference Group nominations

We will be establishing a Construction Reference Group (CRG) to provide local input to this project as it moves into the detailed design and construction phase.

This group is likely to be established in late 2018, if there is enough interest. Members will be required to attend monthly meetings after hours at a local venue. If you would like to register your interest in being a member of the CRG, please complete the registration form.

Scope of works

  • Construct a four kilometre, two lane second carriageway between Altone Road and West Swan Road (construction to occur on the southern side of the existing carriageway)
  • New shared path and local links on the southern side of the highway
  • Modifications to the Reid Highway and West Swan Road intersection to increase capacity and improve traffic flow
  • Noise walls (location and design yet to be determined)
  • Install bridge beams and deck for a second carriageway across Bennett Brook
  • Extend the underpass to link Victoria Road
  • Signage, fencing, drainage, landscaping and street lighting
  • Priced Option: A new bridge over Reid Highway, connecting the northern and southern sections of Arthur Street



Image: Reid Highway Widening design concept


​Key benefits

  • Remove bottleneck and reduce the need for lane merging
  • Improve traffic flow and ease congestion
  • Improve safety 
  • More efficient, reliable movement of freight 
  • Complement NorthLink WA, by providing an effective connection to Roe Highway 
  • Improve cyclists' access to the Swan Valley


​Key dates

Note the following dates are subject to change

Request for Proposal: mid-2018

Construction: 2019-2020

Last Updated: 17 August 2018